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Tales Of The Open Sky is a game of grand adventure in a huge open world populated by mystical creatures. Mixing casual flight mechanics with explosive magic the game makes navigation easy even in VR mode.


Genre: Open world action-adventure with a mix of RPG elements

Platforms: PC, PS, Xbox, VR

Multiplayer: Co-op

Release Dates: TBA


Tales Of The Open Sky gameplay is story-driven exploration in a magical open world. Understanding and navigating the environment will become a key skill as the world is inhabited by a diverse magical fauna.


Advanced magical abilities and interaction with huge semi-sentient creatures is one of the games key selling points, and the player will be able to explore new regions and game mechanics as they learn new abilities and advance through the plot.


The game can randomize creatures and quest locations and generate challenges based on the player’s progress to make the exploration part feel dynamic and allow a degree of replayability.


Amazing and unique world with majestic vistas, giant floating creatures and its own ecosystem

Flight-based gameplay supported by several progression mechanics and interaction modes


Genre mix focused on choice between non-violent and  combat interactions with Tales Of The Open Sky that suit various gaming styles


Captivating storyline and open-world exploration elements that allow for replayability




SARGOS GAMES – Moscow-based development team set up in 2017 to explore VR gaming opportunities. We are aiming to deliver high-fidelity VR and casual entertainment games and explore new tech that will change the way players interact with game environment and each other.



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